Drawing up a timeline of Mr. Dec’s life and times is somewhat difficult as, even to this day, relatively little is known about the man. Still, I have decided to try. Below is an attempt at chronologically organizing the events of Mr. Dec’s life as far as they are presently known to me. Much of the information was originally extrapolated and pieced together in a chronological fashion from Dec’s insane rantings by yours truly. However, since then much new information has come to light, thanks to dedicated Decologists Ted Torbich and Steve Dhuey; both ardent researchers who should be forever lauded for their finds and efforts! New information about Dec has also surfaced from Dec's legal correspondence, which was also procured by Ted Torbich.


All important events in Dec's life that can be given an exact date are present below. Events mentioned by Dec in his writings but which cannot be precisely dated have their dates marked with a question mark and should be considered educated guesses. I feel this timeline paints quite an interesting picture of Dec as a person. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Decologists Donna Kossy, Forrest Jackson, Ted Torbich, genealogist Steven Dhuey and NY lawyer Jeff Sperber without whose previous hard work much of this timeline would not have existed. If anyone reading this should happen to have ANY additional info on the life and times of Mr. Francis E. Dec, Esquire, please send it to me and I’ll add it here ASAP. Proper credit(s) will naturally be given!

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Francis E. Dec's mother, Rose M. Dec (née Rosalia Jronic, Jaronek or Jronek), born in Poland. Will later seemingly lie about her year of birth in various censuses and records in order to make herself appear younger.


June 23, 1893 Francis E. Dec's father, Jan Dec, born in Poland. (Source: 1930 US Census, US Social Security Death Index.)


November 25, 1909 20 years old, Rosalia attempts to immigrate to the United States from Europe. She is apparently diagnosed with Trachoma and hence refused entry by US Customs.




A year later, Rosalia again attempts to immigrate to the US. This time, her attempt is successful. Is, according to 1910 US Census, apparently given a job as laborer in a jute mill.




Jan Dec immigrates to the USA. Speaks fluent Polish. Apparently takes more American-sounding name "John F. Dec." Works in a butcher shop.


~1920-1921 John F. Dec weds Rosalia Jaroneck. According to 1920 US Census, Rose at this point seems to work as a live-in maid in a private residence, Brooklyn.


August 29, 1921 Joseph I. Dec, Dec's only brother, deadly-villain murderer secret assassin spy agent, is born in the state of NY.


January 6, 1926 Francis E. Dec is born. Place of birth: State of New York (sources: Dec's Military Records, Birth Certificate and the 1930 US Census). Even though US born, Mr. Dec still apparently spoke Polish, possibly due to having been taught said language by his parents. He may also have spoken with traces of an accent due to upbringing by Polish parents. Among others, DJ Doc Britton mentions Dec's then-neighbors as during the late 80s having claimed he spoke with a "German" accent.


~Early 1930s


Attends nunnery Catholic Grammar School. Most likely Polish-Catholic one.


1940-1943 (?)


Attends three years of high school.


April 13, 1944




Enlists for military service. Said enlistment takes place at Mitchell Field, New York (on Long Island, near Hempstead), where Dec enlists as a Private. Is enlisted for the duration of World War II plus six months. His Military Rank is Private and his civilian occupation listed as "student". Later claims to have received “pauper’s pay” during his stint in the Army. Is, however, apparently eligible for VA benefits and medical care later in life.


April 14, 1944 First enlistment interview takes place at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Dec is stationed at Keesler Field, near Biloxi, Mississippi from April 19, 1944, to June 12.


May 1, 1944 Stationed at Keesler Field, Dec Spends 6 weeks  in Basic Training. Curiously, the Neil Simon movie "Biloxi Blues" is Simon's memoir of this exact time and place.


May 30, 1944 First Aid & Field Sanitation Course completed, as is the Sex Morality Lecture ("NO SODOMY!!!") and TF (Training Film) 8-1238, entitled "COMBAT AMERICA". Is recommended for the Good Conduct Medal.


June 14, 1944 -
15 March, 1945


Transferred to the Sioux Falls Army Air Field in South Dakota.


July, 1944 Attends Army Air Forces Technical School for 30 weeks.


November 7, 1944 Is declared physically qualified for combat crew, non-combat crew, and overseas duty. Is, however, stationed Stateside for the remainder of WWII.


January 13, 1945 Graduates from the Radio Operator and Mechanics Course. His classification in military specialties is "Radio Operator and Mechanic, semi-skilled" (at his discharge he is later classified as "skilled").


March 1945 -
11 June 1945
Is transferred to the Yuma Army Air Field in Yuma, Arizona, where he is a "ROM (Radio Operator & Mechanic) Student".


June 12, 1945 -
September 26,
Transferred to the 504th Army Air Forces Base
Unit at Lincoln, Nebraska.


September 27,


Assigned to the 566th Army Air Forces Base Unit at Reno, Nevada.


October 29, 1945



Assigned to the 555th Army Air Forces Base Unit at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. His principal duty is "Transition Clerk, Non-Typist". Is here first listed as "Private First Class".


November 26, 1945 Assigned to Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Field (now Travis Air Force Base) in Fairfield, California, where he is listed as a "10th OTU Trainee" (Short for "10th Operational Training Unit").


May 11, 1946 Hon. discharged as a Private First Class at Fort Dix, New Jersey. His weapons qualifications by now include a pistol and a carbine. He is able to drive an automobile and a one-ton truck, and holds a New York State driver's permit. His decorations and medals were typical for those who served Stateside during World War II; including the World War II Victory medal, World War II Service Lapel Button, Good Conduct Medal and the American Campaign Medal.


~Late 1940s to

Attends college. Initially, St. John's University (where he recieves a BA), and later Booklyn Law School (according to one of his later rants). Will also later claim to have intelligently refused unsolicited acceptance to the most elite academy from here in Niggertown.” Also later claims to, during this time, have been swindled and gangsterized" by Island Federal Bank of Hempstead when, to prevent his drunken sodomist brother from robbing his hard earned college savings, having there secretly opened a second bank account for snow-balling interest.


~Late 1940s/
  early 1950s (?)


Is apparently employed by the Nassau County Police Force. Employment lasts until 1955.


~Late 1940s/
  early 1950s





Will later claim to during this time have brought complaint against one Henry H. Meyer, Assistant District Attorney, Nassau County. Complaints supposed to have been in regard of "felonious crimes" as well as "forging and cashing his son's disability checks in order to defraud his son and place him in an insane asylum." This event later marked by Dec as the supposed beginning of his "decade long illegal persecution" at the hands of Nassau County officials, which would eventually culminate in his wrongful conviction and disbarment as a lawyer.


March 31, 1954 Admitted to the N.Y State Bar as a practicing lawyer.


January, 1955 "Forced" out of his job with the Nassau County Police Force. According to Dec "by orders from the Nassau County District Attorney's Office and high members of the Nassau County judiciary". Said event supposed to have taken place at a secret gangster meeting attended by Police Inspectors Looney, Kirk and Schufler, the latter alleged by Dec to have been an "unprosecuted sadistic murderer". Also present is supposed to have been one Inspector Pinell.


January -
November, 1956




Is retained by one Elizabeth Wirschning to settle an insurance claim after an automobile accident. Also later retained by same Mrs. Wirschning as a lawyer in a separation case against her husband. Is accused by Nassau County Judiciary of, during this time, having attempted to get away with two counts of Second Degree Forgery and Second Degree Grand Larceny of $400 from said insurance claim, as well as the crime of Fraud or Deceit by Notary Public. Staunchly maintains innocence, spending rest of life claiming he was framed.


July 2, 1957




First ordered to District Attorney's office in reference to the Wischning case. Person ordering him there is one Frank Gulotta, District Attorney Nassau County, whom Dec refers to as a "felon gangster" and claims is personally out to destroy and persecute him. Gulotta will also come to be savagely demonized by Dec in his later rants.


January 6, 1958





Bond not to exceed $5000.00 issued in order to guarantee Dec's appearance at trial. One Louis M. Caruso acts on behalf of National Surety Corp., along with one Joseph J. Soley who is also mentioned in certain documents. Interestingly, Dec's residence at time is located at 171 S. Franklin St., Hempstead NY. and not the later, more commonly known address of Maple Avenue. Bail is later paid by Dec's own mother, Rose M. Dec, also a resident of Hempstead, NY.


February 11, 1958


Four count indictment filed. Indictment # is 14871. By now arrested and charged with his supposed crimes.


February 13, 1958 Bail Bond Issued by National Surety Corporation in the amount of $1000.00.


~Sometime in
  February, 1958 (?)





"Secret" Grand Jury hearings supposedly held in District Attorney's office. Dec is not notified. Will later strongly maintain said hearings never took place. One member of supposed Grand Jury is a Mr. Arthur Lem whom Dec will later refer to as an "alien Chinese life long gangster, smuggler, perjurer, defrauder and imposter" and accuses of depending upon business "doled out" by Frank Gulotta in order to survive. New evidence shows these accusations by Dec to apparently have some basis in reality.


May 26, 1958


Attempts to get charges dismissed before trial has even started. Files Motion To Dismiss The Indictment with Nassau County court. Said Motion decided to be a Demurrer and is therefore disallowed.


July 24, 1958


Files Motion To Resettle Erroneous Demurrer Order with Nassau County court. Said Motion decided to be a Demurrer and is therefore disallowed.


October 8, 1958



Files Motion To Dismiss the Indictment For Lack Of Prosecution with Nassau County court. Said Motion is dismissed on grounds that trial will commence shortly.


November 5, 6, 1958



Beginning of trial, held in Nassau County Court. Hon. William J. Sullivan, County Judge of Nassau County presiding. Dec apparently originally has lawyers representing him, first one Michael Kern - who'll later claim other "obligations" prevents him from defending Dec. After Kern, Dec retains lawyer Irwing W. Berkman before finally, for unknown reasons, choosing to represent himself.


November 7, 1958 Claims to have been "given orders" from one Judge Phillip Kleinfeld that he should give up on the right to defend himself and instead have an especially "chosen" attorney plead him guilty, else he'd face severe penalties because "The Judge and Jury are fixed" - according to Kleinfeld because someone high up in Nassau County does not like Dec.


November 12, 13,
14, 17 & 19, 1958


Continuation of trial. Maintains own defense. Testifies during trial as to the "Gestapo like illegal persecution" of himself supposedly carried on "for over a decade", ever since making complaint against Henry H. Meyer and because of his "continuous, repeated righteous complaints of omnipotent gangsterism and corruption of the judiciary and government."


November 20, 1958 Is convicted by verdict of the jury. Later strongly maintains both judge, jury and trial minutes were fixed and that the trial itself was a dishonest "kangaroo court" farce trial. A Court Ordered Psychatric Examination is apparently also ordered on this date. Sadly, the results of this examination are not yet publicly known.


December 23, 1958 Sentenced upon each of his convictions for the crimes of Forgery in the Second Degree (two counts). Is sentenced to 2½-5 years in Sing Sing prison at hard labor as well as automatic disbarment from the NY Bar as a lawyer. Prison sentence is however suspended. Is instead ordered to serve probation for maximum period allowable under law. Furthermore, the NY Prison Authority as of 2006 claim they cannot find any evidence of Dec ever having been an inmate. Dec nevertheless repeatedly tries to get ruling overturned over coming years. Appeals at least two times, all the way up to US Supreme Court.


January 19, 1959



Disbarred from N.Y State Bar. From 1959 to 1968 income is zero. Even though no longer a lawyer
still continues to refer to himself as “Esquire.” Additionally, some rants are apparently later printed on former office stationary.


February 2, 1959



First post trial motion heard by Apellate Divison of US Supreme Court. Motion pleads for Order Compelling Trial Stenograpers to Produce Trial Record of Defendant's Trial. Said motion is 17 pages long. Dismissed by Court as "academic".


October 5, 1959



Makes application to the County Court to amend the Trial Record, which he claims has been fradulently altered. Said application is 320 typewritten pages in length and contains 794 proposed amendments. It is later dismissed.


December 29, 1960


Violation of Probation charged. Warrant issued.


January 16, 1961




Again stands before court regarding probational violation charges. Advised of right to counsel. Again states he will act as own counsel. Court order committing Dec to Pilgrim State Hospital for period of 60 days for mental examination is issued and granted. This would suggest Dec's behavior by now reveals onset of apparent mental issues. Is seemingly remanded to County Jail [?] pending said Commitment order.


February 17, 1961


"Released on own recognizance" until further proceedings set to take place on June 9, 1961.


June 9, 1961 Again stands before Court. Violation of Probation charges are apparently dismissed. Restored to probation.


June 20, 1961


Files first Appeal Brief with the Appellate Division of Nassau County Court, NY.


Sep 21, 1961


Personally files his maximum-conviction Appeal Brief with the Chief Clerk of the US Supreme Court, Washington DC. Both appeals are later denied.


~ Sometime after



Apparent worsening of severe, already pre-existing Paranoid Schizophrenia. Loses mind completely. Conspiracy theories, mad letters of warning ensue. The latter are plastered on cars and telephone poles around NY or mass-mailed to random addresses both around the US and the world, although usually somehow related to the media.


December 14, 1965



Attempts to escape worse-mongrel Gangster Communist Country to return to Slovenic-Polish land of his forefathers. Is instead held captive by CIA policegangsters in a small, snowbound St. Lawrence River Estuary airport under the guise that he is in Warsaw, Poland.


December 15, 1965
Held captive all night. Later in chains.


December 16, 1965
Refuses all food.


~Night between
  December 16
  and 17, 1965

Refuses all food AND requests he should "go to sleep”. Beaten bloodily.


December 17, 1965



Flown back to America. Exposed repeatedly to DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE on airplane. Airline does not offer free drinks. Cursed, beaten repeatedly by own brother upon return to US soil.


After December
15, 1965
Life gets even worse-deadly than before he left.










Dec’s brother Joseph moves out of house on Maple Ave to 26-28 Sammis Place. Dec immediately garbages tons of furniture and many other inflammables. Soaks, washes off all red wallpaper in most rooms to find fresh red paint under it. Entire house a CIA DEATH TRAP, set up while Dec was buying it!


1967 – 1968




Deadly Gangster home improvement! With hundreds of single edge razor blades, Dec chips off all of the red paint in most rooms and repaints the downstairs rooms. Rips out maliciously ramshackled part of floor of upstairs front bedroom to find INFLAMMABLE PAPER stuffed under it. Also finds NEW ADDITIONS to the never used gas lighting pipes. Rips these out completely.


Early 1969





Computer God controlled and manipulated Gangster government issues warrant for Dec’s immediate arrest and incarceration in a maximum security insanity prison to be “cured” forever before he can go before any parroting puppet hangman rope Gangster Judge to give testimony. Begins hiding alone in house. Mail orders all deliveries, food, etc. Adds 5 bucks for delivery to be left inside rear outer cellar door. Most rants and flyers apparently written during this time period.


Early 1970s



More Deadly Gangster home improvement. With scavenged wood stored in garage and bedspring steel-angled bars, Dec repairs cut beams and re-lays the attic floor upside-down. IT ALMOST LOOKS NEW!!!


August, 1971 Dec's father, John F. Dec, dies. Mr. Dec Sr. would have been roughly 78 years old at time of death. (Added by Steven Dhuey. Source: US Social Security Death Index.)






October 21, 1976


Pens yet another appeal brief to US Supreme Court. Somewhat hostile in nature.






1981 (?) Possible time of creation of rant "The Top Secret Dual Food Standard", due to mention therein of how the rant "made Ronnie President". Rant may also have been penned/updated in 1984, due to also containing a mention in far right-hand side of then-Soviet Premier Chernenko.


Spring, 1984


Pens the classic masterpiece “Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy”. Also apparent time of creation of rant "The True History of Nazi Jewmany".


1984/Mid-80s (?)


Possible time of creation of rant “Master Race Frankenstein Radio Controls", a copy of which is sent out to a folding-wall company in Indiana. Middle of 1980s seems to, in general, contain a flurry of activity for Dec, as this appears to be the time when most of his rants are sent out.










Is visited by Doc Britton, along with another fan of Dec that drives to Long Island and knocks several times, evening and morning, on Dec’s door. There is no answer.


Late 1992/
Early 1993 (?)


Apparently suffers a stroke. Committed to St. Albans VA hospital in Albany, NY.




House on Maple Avenue once more owned by only brother deadly-villain murderer secret assassin spy agent Joseph I. Dec.


December 15, 1995


Visited by Forrest Jackson. Somewhat uncommunicative during visit.


January 21, 1996 Dead. Strangely enough, Mr. Dec died exactly fifteen days after having turned age 70.


December 1, 2010 Dec's brother Joseph I. Dec dies in Brooklyn Heights, New York.


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