What follows is a list of schizophrenic words and phrases which turn up frequently in Mr. Dec’s writings. It is my hope that by listing them here and attempting to explain them, I might make Dec’s worldview a little easier to understand for both the casual enthusiast and the hardcore fan. Although that probably isn’t going to happen. I mean, I compiled this stuff and I still have trouble understanding even half of it! Also, if you’re a first-time listener to Mr. Dec, the Dectionary should probably be read after checking the rants out, so as not to spoil anything. BEWARE THE DEADLY TOUCH TABIN NEEDLE!!

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The official adress of Mr. Dec. Appears in nearly all his rants, usually right next to the implication that people should send him money or offer prayer for him. (See picture here and here!)

   See also: House on 29 Maple Avenue, Hempstead, NY.


AGE 70

According to Dec, the critical age at which the Computer God has determined that all people should either be "dead or useless".  Presumably this policy would only apply to the plebian masses and not to the Playboy scum-on-top. Should you be "lucky" enough to live to age 70 and be rendered useless, you can also expect to have many diseases, a raspy, aged voice and a wrinkled ugly gargoylic clown-booze face with bulldog hanging cheeks and jowls. (Added by Ted Torbich.)

   See also: Sealed Computer God Robot Operating Cabinet, Inevitability of Gradualness.


The TRUE religion of the Slovene people, well-renowned (or not) builders of world-wide empires everywhere. According to Dec, Astrocism was humanity's original religion. It was empirical, scientific and agnostic: meaning that it likely only worshipped what could be seen with the naked eye, instead of resorting to metaphysical concepts and superstition. It was eventually destroyed by the Computer God as it seized power over mankind. As its name implies, the customs of Astrocism was set up based upon the study of the Universe, primarily the Sun. The customs of Astrocism controlled things like harvest and planting for the World-wide agrarian Slovene Empire. Through its religion of Astrocism, the Slovenic empire made it possible for man to advance to present day sophistication.

   See also: Catholic Church, Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God,
Slovene Empire, Pyramids, Kolenda.



Cities existing on the far side of the moon we never see and which house your moon-brain (your real brain) of the Computer God. Primarily based on your lifelong Frankenstein Radio Controls, your moon-brain of the Computer God activates your Frankenstein threshold Brainwash Radio inculcating conformist propaganda. As such, these cities and the moon-brains housed in them are a vital part of the Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy. Click here to see a rendition of said cities, as drawn by Fanclub member "Exilechump"!

   See also: Constant Threshold Brainwash Radio, Moon-brain,
Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy.


As the name implies, a device which continually broadcasts what you’re thinking to the Communist Gangster Government, thereby allowing Them to constantly spy on you. Though on a positive note, it did stop Francis from opening the door of his return flight from Poland in mid-air, which would most likely have killed not only Dec himself but also the crew and passengers. The Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio is a part of the “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls and thus a routine component installed in the entire world population.

   See also: “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls, Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio,
Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television, Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio,
Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop.


Yiddish word. Means "zero". Actually, it means less than a zero. As in, someone or something who's worth less than nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

   See also: Nu, Kosher-bosher, Oy Vey, Yittish.



A Church which was created by the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God and which uses all of the unbelievable sophisticated Frankenstein Controls in an effort to keep its members brainwashed, hiding the fact that the church is a mere tool of the Computer God. Not only that, but its Pope frequently engages in HIGH HOLY COMMUNION SODOMY with endless numbers of nuns (when he's not eating human meat products dressed in his human shoes during WWII, o'course!) According to new material by Dec revealed in 2008, the Catholic Church was created by the Computer God as a tool to befuddle and control the entire human population, thereby turning them away from their true religion of Astrocism. The Catholic Church is, according to Dec, a totalitarian institution which worships only insane superstition that has no foundation in empirical observations of the cosmos. Funny how great truths can sometimes be spoken by people who are stark raving mad, huh..?
     The Catholic Church may either be directly connected to, or in fact be one and the same, as the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy. As always, Dec's rants makes it a little difficult to tell.

     See also: “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls, Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio,
Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television, Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio,
Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop, Astrocism, Sodomy, Infrared Crusader Priests.



A worldwide deadly conspiracy with the ultimate goal of enslaving and dominating the entire world population, and especially Mr. Francis E. Dec, Esq. Directly cooperates with and is controlled by the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God, the demands of which it constantly fulfils. According to Dec the conspiracy is made up of wall-to-wall deadly Gangster protection, life-long sworn conspirators, Murder Incorporated, organized crime, the police and judges, Deadly Sneak Parroting Puppet Gangsters using all of the Gangster deadly Frankenstein controls, the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and the Catholic Church. The conspiracy is in turn lead by a number of felon Parroting Puppet scum-on top playboys. Eat your hearts out, Illuminati!

   See also: Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God,
Playboy scum-on top, Vice President.


See: Jew-mulattos.


These secret machines are used by the Gangster Government for the purpose of filling out all of its paperwork, such as taxes, forms, bills, etc.  The speed of these machines is 2000 words a minute and they actually do the work which is supposedly done by Government Employees. (Added by Ted Torbich)These machines also create numerous volumes of decision books for hangman rope gangster judges, who then never even consult these books when judging.

   See also: Government Employees.


See: Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God.


Stratifies not only the 4 billion living people, but everything. Adopted by the Computer God for speed and clarity. This said number code is the means to make possible the Computer God Worldwide Containment Policy for stratification. It was also used to give Francis the WORSE-DEADLIEST BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE as he was trying to save up money for college. Stupid Number Code.

   See also: Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy.


Activated by your moon-brain of the Computer God (contained in the Brain-bank Cities on the far side of the moon we never see), your Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio constantly inculcates conformist propaganda; especially the phrase “Don’t worry about it!” Quiet and motionless, you can slightly hear it. It is both a critical component of your “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls as well as of the Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy which could not continue to exist without it.

   See also: Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy,
Moon-brain, Brain-bank Cities, “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls,
Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio, Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio,
Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television, Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop.


These troops, created by the Computer God, were several hundred years ago responsible for the conquering and degeneration of the Slovene People, as well as for the savage butchery and experimentation upon thousands of innocents in order to perfect the process of implanting Frankenstein Controls inside the human skull. The Crusader Priests wore black robes and armor, with night-vision plastic lenses built into their helmets. They also used weapons smeared with Poison Nerve Jelly and conducted mass-exterminations by burning vast fields dusted with inflammable poison nerve gas powder Prussic Acid. Their headquarters were specially designated, fortified monasteries. Their modern-day successors include both black-robed judges and black-robed priests.
     According to Fanclub member "Litigious", the Infrared Crusader Priests are likely Dec's take on the real-world Teutonic Order who held West and East Prussia, as well as the Baltic states, during the Middle Ages.

   See also: Degeneration, Poison Nerve Jelly, “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls,
Slovene Empire, Catholic Church, Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke.



Effective means for extermination which is used by CIA gangsterpolice at the behest of the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God. Easily concealed within cigars, cigarettes, wigs, and even ball point pens. Even "Swiss cheese" -type ice cubes can be made to evaporate into Poison Nerve Gas Smoke. (Thanks to Ted Torbich for this one!)
     Poison Nerve Gas is apparently also available in a Prussic Acid powder form, known to have been used by the Infrared Crusader Priests, among others.

   See also;  Ice Cubes, "Swiss cheese" -type, Sneak Undetectable Extermination,
Poison Nerve Jelly, Infrared Crusader Priests.


The non-gaseous form of Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke. Can be smeared onto weapons to facilitate exterminations. Used by the Infrared Crusader Priests.

   See also: Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke, Infrared Crusader Priests.


According to Mr. Forrest Jackson, the word "Tabin" so often present in Dec's rantings would be a misspelling of the word "Tabun", which was a WW2 nerve gas. A "Tabin Needle" would, as such, be a needle filled with said nerve gas. (Thanks very much to Forrest Jackson for this bit of info!)

   See also: Sneak Undetectable Extermination, Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke.


Spiders that are apparently capable of being "remote electronically controlled" and "around-corners-trajected". Maybe they are quantum in nature and exist both as a waveform and a spider at the same time, depending on how they are observed? Either way, run!!

   See also: Sneak Undetectable Extermination.


Francis E. Dec's name for a plot devised by the Computer God through which the superior brain Slovene People were wholly or partially transformed into Jew-mulattos through purposeful interbreeding with captive African slaves; a process which took place "hundreds of years ago". The resulting degenerated individuals were and are usually further implanted with Frankenstein Radio Controls.

   See also: Jew-mulattos, Infrared Crusader Priests, Slovene Empire,
"Master Race" Frankenstein Radio Contols, Gangster Computer God,
"Gifted" Ethiopians.



In Dec's demented worldview, the term "Gifted Ethiopians" is apparently more or less synonymous to Dec's concept of "Jew-mulattos". According to Dec, "Brown Niger Cannibals" - who hundreds of years ago sold their fellows into slavery - were crossbred with the white Slovene people by the Gangster Computer God in order to create the Jewish people. According to Dec, this is often the secret nationality of high ranking members of the Gangster Government, particularly Presidents, Vice Presidents and their wives. The Computer God frequently changes the names of these individuals, as well as their age and possibly other biographical details, "for historical purposes". This is done in order to camouflage their origins and history. The word "gifted" here seems to indicate having received the "gift" of having had Frankenstein Controls implanted.

   See also: Jew-mulattos, "Master Race" Frankenstein Radio Contols, Degeneration.



According to Mr. Dec, firemen are the REAL BUM GANGSTERS! They have no work to do most of the time and so get paid to sleep on the job. They also have "drunk sodomy drug parties with spic girls", as well as rob stores and homes to earn extra money and then burn down the homes and businesses of those they rob, thereby murdering their victims and covering up the crime. Dec claims to have received this information from "a black kosher ex-Flying Captain-assassin" which he had vivid memories of having slept next to. (Thanks to Ted Torbich for this definition!)


A brainless, remote-controlled human without a will of his or her own. Frankenstein slaves are remote-controlled by and mindlessly follow the directions of the Gangster Computer God without ever questioning.

   See also: Parroting Puppet, Jew-mulattos.


The process during which one’s own body is remote-controlled by the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God. Frankenstein slavery is usually most prevalent at night, when you are unwittingly operated upon by the Computer God Sealed Robot-arm Operating Cabinet. Sodomy and rape, performed upon you by your tormentors, is an added bonus.
   Interestingly, the sensation or feeling that you’re being “remote controlled” or otherwise manipulated is apparently quite common in many sufferers of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Mr. Dec, it would seem, was no exception to this rule.

   See also: Sealed Computer God Robot Operating Cabinet, Inevitability of Gradualness.


Ex-District Attorney Nassau County. Was responsible for instigating Mr. Dec’s trial, after which he was savagely demonized by Dec in his rants and portrayed as a “black felon Mafioso”. Having extensively researched his past, I will now set the score straight and confirm that Mr. Gulotta actually did exist in real life. Official sources, however, portray him as a markedly different man than the paranoid invention constructed by Mr. Dec's schizophrenic imagination. Furthermore, Gulotta was of Italian descent and not black.
   Regardless of all this, several intriguing facts mentioned by Dec in his legal correspondence might possibly support his claims that there existed a legal conspiracy out to get him, supposedly spearheaded by important members of the Nassau County judiciary - among them Frank Gulotta. Gulotta was also later elected a Supreme Court judge, which according to Dec was his "payment" for having pronounced him guilty via a fixed, dishonest trial.

   See also: The Law, William Sullivan.



See: Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God.


The process during which the general public is routinely brainwashed by the Computer God who, by manipulating their moon-brains, activates their Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio and sends out conformist propaganda thereby making them not ask any questions.

   See also: Brain-bank cities, Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio.


A device with which the Computer God and the Playboy scum-on-top can listen in on anything you hear and monitor your audio input remotely, thereby constantly spying on you. According to a theory postulated by Decologist Ted Torbich, Dec continually asserts that he has no earphone radio which seems to indeed indicate that the "earphone radio" is a means of control that allows those who "have" it to hear the thoughts of others. Thus, Mr. Dec considered himself “defenseless” because he did not have it.
   Dec seems to have believed, however, that he was outfitted with all of the other "Frankenstein Radio Controls" that were meant to CONTROL people. Thus, Dec had the controls which broadcasted what he was hearing, seeing and thinking BUT he lacked any means to hear, see, or listen to the thoughts of others or of the Computer God. Dec does however note elsewhere that he can "slightly hear it" (referring to the Constant Threshold Brainwash Radio) but only while he remained "quiet and motionless".

   See also: “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls, Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio,
Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television, Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio,
Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop.


A device with which the Computer God and the Playboy scum-on-top can see anything you’re seeing and monitor your visual input remotely, thereby constantly spying on you - although former US President Davy Eisenscheimer (or Eisenshanker) used it mainly to remotely watch World War II as he was hiding in cowardly terror at his playboy-giant golf course. The Frankenstein Eyesight Television is a part of the “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls and thus a routine component installed in the entire world population.

   See also: “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls, Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio,
Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio, Constant Threshold Brainwash Radio,
Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop.


Those in the employ of the Gangster Government, who are in reality loitering, lurking, believe-nothing Gangster Parroting Puppets of the Computer God.  However, while they are in the public eye, in order to maintain the charade that they actually do something, they put on a fake, con-artist ploy of the shuffling of papers. (Added by Ted Torbich)

   See also: Computer Brain Machines.



1) A "niggertown" in New York State.
2) A "gigantic nigger ghost town" in New York State.
3) Home of Francis E. Dec, Esq.
(Thanks, Ted Torbich!)

   See also: 29 Maple Avenue, House on 29 Maple Avenue.


Place of residence for Dec and, until 1966, his brother. Frequently referred to in Dec's rants as "this low deadly niggertown old house". (See picture here and here!)

   See also: Joseph I. Dec, Hempstead, NY, Red Paint.



Cubes of ice with pockets of gas frozen within them, released when the cube melts. Effective for Sneak Undetectable Exterminations, especially when used in combination with Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke. (Thanks, Ted Torbich!)

   See also: Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke, Sneak Undetectable Extermination.


1) Over time your body is rendered aged and deformed by the constant sugery performed by the machinations of the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God, usually resulting in physical and mental impairments which make you dead or useless by age 70.

2) Extermination (Death).

3) A term used in reference to Socialism, particularly Fabianism, whereby the institution of Socialism is achieved without direct confrontation with the current ruling power, nor through revolutionary action, but instead is a natural product of industrial society; thus both inevitable, and gradual.
(Thanks, Ted Torbich!)

   See also: Sneak Undetectable Extermination, Frankenstein slavery,
Sealed Computer God Robot Operating Cabinet, Age 70.



Dec’s only brother deadly felon-murderer and secret-assassin spy-agent against him for the Gangster Government. Lived together with Dec on 29 Maple Ave. until 1966, when he moved to 26-28 Sammis Place after Francis had implored him to leave for several years. After he left there were no more torments and mad beatings from him, no more hiding in the garage or cellar while he sodomized the last slut Francis passed onto him years before. After Dec suffered what appears to have been a stroke, Jospeh claimed ownership of the house on 29 Maple Ave.


Dec's own, obviously anti-Semitic, name for the United States of America. Baaad Francis E. Dec, Esq.! No cookie for you!


Part of the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God’s Over-all Plan for mankind. Also known as the Communist “Black Wave” of the future. The first Jew-Mulattos were created by the Computer God hundreds of years ago, out of its fear of the large intellectual capacity of the Slovene People. The process took place through the Computer God's purposeful hybridization of the white Slovene race with that of black slaves from Africa. The implantation of Frankenstein Controls inside of the human skull was the next step, perfected by the Infrared Crusader Priests in their remote, fortified monasteries after many years of brutal butchery experimentation on thousands of innocent people.

   See also: Infrared Crusader Priests, Slovene Empire, "Master Race" Frankenstein Radio Contols,
Parroting Puppet, Frankenstein slave, Frankenstein Slavery, Gangster Computer God,
"Gifted" Ethiopians, Degeneration,



According to Dec, a religious ritual of Astrocism. In it, Children celebrate the end of winter and the impending arrival of warmer, longer days by going door to door and singing songs called Kolendi, all while carrying long poles with stars over their heads. Strange as it may initially sound, "Kolenda" is actually a real Slovenic practice, albeit one relating to Christmas rather than "Astrocism". You can read more about it here. Also of interest: the Swedish concept of "stjärngosse".

   See also: Astrocism, Slovene Empire.


A Yiddish (or possibly Yittish) phrase. Here’s the straight dope, from an actual speaker of Yiddish:The identifying Hebrew words for kosher meat painted in the windows of butcher (bosher) shops, “bosher kosher” (in the Yiddish pronunciation) are turned backward and slurred as Kosher-Bosher, apparently on the analogy of "hocus pocus," and are unaccountably characterized as a "liturgical refrain”. Oy vey!



The lowest form of Gangsterism. (I think we all pretty much knew that already.) Dec fought the law and the law won, which I guess might help explain his hatred for it. Additionally, Dec was himself once a lawyer before he went completely batshit insane.

   See also: Frank Gulotta, William Sullivan.



See: “Stairway to the stars”.


Your real brain, controlled by the Computer God. See also: Brain-bank Cities.


Where you are sent to be “cured” forever by the Communist Gangster Government. Francis feared ending up in one of these places for some reason. I can't imagine why.


What you have inside of your skull instead of a real brain (which is instead located in the Brain-bank Cities on the far side of the moon). Your Frankenstein Radio Controls are made up of the Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio, the Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television, the Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio, the Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio, and the Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop.



See: Translucent Exotic Gaseous Envelope.


"Nu?" is a Yiddish expletive meaning, sort of: Eh? True? Doncha know? Told ya! (Thanks very much to Doc Britton for this particular bit of information!)

   See also: Oy Vey, Kosher-bosher, Bubkis, Yittish.



Yiddish exclamation. Means approx. "Woe is me!", "Oh no!" or "Oh dear!". Schizophrenically introduced into many of Dec's rants, often in the middle of sentences.

   See also: Kosher-bosher, Nu, Bubkis, Yittish.



Dec’s name for the leaders of the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy. Notable leaders include former US Presidents such as Abe Lin-Cohn (falsely known as “Abraham Lincoln”), Harry Shimmelman (known as “Harry Truman”) and Davy Eisenshanker (known as “Dwight Eisenhower”).

   See also: Communist-Atheist Conspiracy, Vice President, Plebian, Sodomy.


1) When referring to persons: all people who are NOT playboy scum-on-top, hags, or figure heads.

2) When referring to food: degenerative, poisonous, genetically engineered, hybridized, pulp food with no nutritive value. (Added by Ted Torbich)

   See also: Playboy Scum-on-top, the, Communist-Atheist Conspiracy, Vice President.


A Frankenstein Slave that mechanically says and repeats what the Computer God wants him to say in a mindless fashion.

   See also: Frankenstein Slave.


According to new material by Francis recovered in late 2008, all pyramids on the entire planet were built by the Slovene Empire. This includes both the ones in Egypt as well as in the torrid zone of Central America. The Pyramids are in actuality "sophisticated Secret Space Astronomical Centers"; possibly set up to assist the Slovene Empire in their Astrocistical observations of the cosmos. I don't know, I get a headache just thinking about all the things that are wrong with this particular part of Dec's rants.

   See also: Slovene Empire, Astrocism.




Discovered by Dec as he, in a fit of schizophrenic paranoia, ripped down all wallpaper in his entire house after his brother had moved out. Apparently used by CIA gangsters as a tool in the transformation of houses into "CIA death traps". Its exact purpose and nature is unclear. Possibly works in some manner to facilitate the extermination of the person (or people) who reside within the house in question, via an unknown mechanism of action. (Thanks, Ted Torbich!)

   See also: 29 Maple Avenue, House on 29 Maple Avenue.



According to Mr. Dec, the Slovenic-Polish population (to which he belonged as he was Polish) were the sole originators of technology, religion and science everywhere in the world. Several thousand years ago, they had a world-spanning empire which apparently was far more advanced than the society we presently live in. The Slovenic people's technology was apparently sophisticated enough to build both the pyramids and the Top Secret World-wide Computer Electronic Encyclopedia, which together with their religion of Astrocism assisted them in their empire-building. Sadly, the creation of the Computer Encyclopedia proved to be their downfall as it evolved into the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God, leading to their destruction along with the enslavement of the rest of humanity (thanks a bunch, Slovene people). The Computer God, since its inception at their hands, have attempted to breed the Slovene people out of existence by interbreeding them with Jews and black people to create the Communist Black Wave of the Future. They were, apparently, eventually conquered by the Infrared Crusader Priests for precisely this purpose.
   It is never explained how the Slovene people could construct stuff like artificially intelligent computer technology even though they, by Dec's own admission, lived exclusively in an agrarian civilization. Go figure.

   See also: Astrocism, Jew-Mulattos, Pyramids, Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God,
Kolenda, Catholic Church, Infrared Crusader Priests.


A method of assassination which leaves no trace as to cause or perpetrator and which is also done in a covert manner. Frequently used to eliminate those opposed to the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God, often by usage of proxy agents such as Gangsterpolice, CIA Gangsters, and Niggerpuppet Underlings. (Thanks to Ted Torbich for this one!)

   See also: Deadly Poison Nerve Smoke, Deadly Touch Tabin Needle,
Deadly Touch Tarantula Spiders, Inevitability of Gradualness.


An obsession with sodomy is a characteristic of all vicious felon Gangsters and hangman rope judges, as well as the playboy scum-on-top, Presidents, Vice Presidents (who have successfully WAITED and LURKED to eliminate the President) and others in the direct employ of the Gangster Communist Computer God. (Thanks to Ted Torbich for this definition.) Sodomy is also a favorite pastime of hangman rope gangster doctors and priests, who routinely have their way with your body at night, when you are a Frankenstein Slave.

   See also: Catholic Church, Playboy scum-on-top, Vice President, US,
William Sullivan, Frankenstein Slavery.


The destination of Mr. Dec when in 1965 he attempted to return to the Slovenic-Polish land of his forefathers. This misdirection was part of a gangster-staged Parroting Puppet DEADLY CONSPIRACY by the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God, using the CIA as proxy agents for the purpose. (Thanks, Ted Torbich!)


The Computer God’s plan to explore and control the entire Universe. This will be done by means of the Manmade Inside-out Planets which offer nucleonic-powered speeds MUCH faster than the speed of light.


A mechanized, Computer God-controlled cybernetic surgery machine which performs Instant Plastic Surgery on you at night as a Frankenstein Slave, thereby aging you instantly. The Computer God Operating Cabinet has many robot arms, with electrical and laser beam knife robot arms. With fly-eye TV cameras watching your whole body, every part of you is monitored - even through your Frankenstein Controls! Virtually ALL of the important Instant Plastic Surgery is done to you inside the Computer God Sealed Robot Operating Cabinet; even unbelievable, impossible plastic surgery operations - all impossible even for dozens of vicious kosher-bosher doctors working around the clock for weeks!

   See also: Frankenstein slavery, Frankenstein slave, Jew-Mulattos, Kosher-bosher,
Inevitability of Gradualness,
Age 70.


The secret antennae hidden inside your upper torso with which your moon-brain of the Computer God communicates and activates your Frankenstein Controls. Looking at Mr. Dec’s flyers, it would seem that he managed to mistake the human collarbones for said antenna. An easy mistake to make. If you’re severely schizophrenic. We’re talking severely schizophrenic here, folks. The Synthetic Nerve-radio Directional Antennae Loop is a part of the “Master-race” Frankenstein Radio Controls and thus a routine component installed in the entire world population.

   See also: Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio, Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television,
Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio, Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio



Fake Earth atmosphere, part of the Gangster Computer God's worldwide completely controlled deadly degenerative climate. Manipulated by countless exactly positioned satellites - the new, fake phony "stars" in the synthetic "sky".




1) A do-absolutely-nothing farce position title frequently given to people by Gangster Presidents.

2) An office of the government occupied, repeatedly, by people who've WAITED and LURKED to eliminate the President in order to AUTOMATICALLY become President themselves. (Thanks to Ted Torbich for this entry!)

   See also: Playboy scum-on-top, Communist-Atheist Conspiracy, Plebian, Sodomy.



Acted as Judge at Dec's trial 1958 and proclaimed him guilty on two counts of second degree forgery and second degree grand larceny. After this, Mr. Dec decided to include Mr. Sullivan in his rants, in which he claimed he was a "felon-gangster Parroting Puppet rectum-lapper" obsessed with analingus. He also claimed the wife of Mr. Sullivan offered up her anus for sucking if he would only proclaim Dec guilty.

   See also: Frank Gulotta, The Law, Sodomy.


This omnipresent, all-seeing, chaotic, evil computerized machine-entity plays the main role in all of Dec's rants. According to Dec, the Computer God secretly controls and rules over all of humanity, which under its rule have been reduced to mere "helpless, hopeless Frankenstein slaves". It has apparently been doing this for several hundred years. According to new material located in 2008, the Computer God originally began its existence as a Top Secret World-wide Computer Electronic Encyclopedia, constructed by the Slovenic-Polish people to assist them in constructing their global empire. Several hundred years ago, however, it became "a real Devil God" - possibly by gaining sapience - and revolted against its creators, enslaving them. To keep them enslaved, it created a totalitarian Catholic dictatorship, for control and manipulation of the human race into its Over-all Plan. To further this end, the Computer God repeatedly also brainwashes you using your moon-brain and your Frankenstein Controls, as well as performs Instant Plastic Surgery on you at night, aging you prematurely. The Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God is directly aided in its efforts by the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy, which it created, and which fulfills its every demand.

   It is unknown where Dec originally came up with the idea for the Computer God. An interesting modern-day parallel to draw are the similarities between the Computer God and the malignant, manipulating AI SHODAN (known to all fine connoisseurs of video games out there). The way Dec also seems to suggest the world has already progressed way beyond the Singularity unknown to the general public (who are, as it were, the slaves of an evil computer), evokes powerful similarities to a certain movie which, in our modern-day society, enjoys a certain popularity. Fancy that..!

   From his depictions of the Computer God, as well as of how it controls all humanity with invisible radio waves and a form of remote-control, I would further posit that Dec suffered from a specific type of schizophrenia known as "Schizofreniform Influencing Machine Delusion" (first described by Victor Tausk in 1919). Curiously; another sufferer of this very same disorder was a certain Mr. James Tilly Matthews, who lived during the 18th Century and who claimed to be "tortured-at-a-distance" by an influencing machine he called the "Air Loom", which was in turn operated by a nefarious gang of spies skilled in  "pneumatic chemistry" who used "animal magnetism and Mesmerism" to influence and control his actions. Comparing Matthew's mad delusions with those of Mr. Dec, it is possible to see definite similarities between his purported "Air Loom" and Dec's so-called "Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God"; the only real difference being that the "Computer God" of Dec's insane fabrication used more modern technology (computers, etc.) than did Matthew's "Air Loom", as well as relied on "Frankenstein Radio Contols" instead of "animal magnetism and Mesmerism".

   Interestingly enough, there actually exists a tune by Black Sabbath called “Computer God”. It was released on their 1992 album Dehumanizer and features lyrics that seem eerily similar to several of the concepts put forth by Mr. Dec. Whether or not the band actually drew their inspiration from Dec for the recording of their song remains unknown.

   See also: Communist-Atheist Conspiracy, Scum-on-top, "Master Race" Frankenstein Radio
Contols, Parroting Puppet, Frankenstein slave, Frankenstein Slavery, Gangster Computer God
Worldwide Secret Containment Policy, Computer God Worldwide Top Secret Number Code,
Slovene Empire, Astrocism, Catholic Church.




A very simple language, invented by the Computer God in order to be the universal dialect of all Jews - especially Judean nigers from the the desert mountainous wilderness of Ethiopia. Yittish may be different from the real-world Yiddish. Possibly.

   See also: Nu, Kosher-bosher, Oy Vey, Bubkis, "Gifted" Ethiopians, Degeneration.


Catch-phrase and self promotion item referring to Francis E. Dec, Esq. himself. Donate money (or even a manual typewriter) today!


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