● Are you in possession of any of Mr. Dec’s rants?

 ● Have you ever met Francis E. Dec?

 ● Do you know anything about Francis E. Dec that we don't?

 ● Do you know anyone who knows anything of Francis E. Dec?

 ● Keep reading, your help is needed!!


Even though this Fanclub as of 2008 is the world's foremost source of writings by Francis Dec, the material contained within our walls almost certainly represents only a tiny fraction of Mr. Dec’s total production of rants and letters. Even though Francis sent out countless of his rants to every corner of the globe, I am certain most of these rants were likely destroyed by their intended recipients without so much as a second glance due to their rather “cryptic” nature, sadly robbing future generations of their unintentional comic brilliance forever. But I am certain at least some additional Dec rants must still remain intact out there today; small gems of vitriol and loathing peppered with pure insanity, just waiting to lighten up the lives of those of us with normally functioning brains. Someone, somewhere, MUST have kept some rants which have yet to see the light of day.

This is where YOU come in!

Should YOU, the person reading this right now, happen to be one of the people who have received, found or even happen to know anyone who owns any of these "lost" rants by Mr. Dec, please send in copies or scans of them immediately and I will transcribe, illustrate and publish them on this web page! I'll also give you mad props and full credit for recovering the rant/s in question (should you want me to, of course - it's entirely optional on your behalf!). Not only that, but if you're a member of the Official Francis E. Dec Fanclub, you'll recieve not only the usual member benefits, but also BOTH a really fancy Secret Fanclub Degree as well as an honorable mention in the "About" section of this web page - thereby immortalizing you to future generations forever! As if that's not enough, should you be willing to part with the original rant, I'll gladly pay you good money for it! Just get in touch with me and we'll work out all the details. Don't try to rip me off with any fake, phony rants, though. That'd be a no-no.

The same thing goes if anyone out there knows anything about Francis E. Dec whatsoever, or has ever met or spoken to him. Dec lived in NY his entire life - someone MUST have seen or spoken to him during all those years! What about old neighbors? People who met him in the street? People who saw that he was acting weird and wondered what the fuck he was doing? There must be someone out there who knows more about the man! If so, send whatever info you have to me and I'll add it to this page and immortalize you! This is your shot at a place in the history books of Decology! Alternatively, stop by the forums and tell everyone there all about your Dec-speriences. It is up to all of us Frankenstein Slaves Worldwide to ensure that the legacy of Dec continues!!

Email now! Email today!
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However, just type it in manually and I should get your letter in no time flat! The "0" in "zer0" is the
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