Welcome to the Official Francis E. Dec Fanclub! I'm your host, zer0. As its name implies, this site is an homage to Francis E. Dec, Esquire. An ex-lawyer from Hempstead, NY, and likely a sufferer of schizophrenia, Dec's claim to fame is his penning of the many rants which he mass-mailed to random people and media all over the world for several decades. These rants contain one of the most surreal worldviews ever conceived by mortal man, equally amazing and amusing in its utter madness! If you came to this page from an outside link, I'd recommend checking out the disclaimer before you do anything else, as most of Dec's rants can also safely be categorized as being incredibly offensive!

  This site is your chance to experience the outsider art of Dec's writings for yourself. Writings which, were it possible to distil pure insanity into a 120% proof concoction, would likely still be twice as crazy! To counteract the confusion his work tends to create in most people new to it (see picture on the right), I have taken it upon myself to not only transcribe Dec's writings but also to illustrate them, as it is really difficult to make any sense of Mr. Dec without an illustrated transcript. Head on over to the page containing Dec's rants to check out the results! Be repulsed by the hatred! Tremble at the paranoia! Laugh at the unintentional comedy!
     For your listening pleasure, the rants also feature audio dramatizations. Some of these were made in the 1980s by Boyd "Doc on the ROQ" Britton, while some were recorded more recently by other people. Be sure to check them out!
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ABOVE: A portion of one of Dec's many rants.
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The Official Francis E. Dec Fanclub is unique in that it offers never before published rants by Mr. Dec, available through the rants section! It also offers previously unknown biographical information on the man, readable via the official timeline of events in Dec's life! If you're brand new to Mr. Dec, you may want to check out the FAQ before you do anything else. The Fanclub also features an encyclopedia of schizophrenic phrases that turn up frequently in Dec's letters. And please feel free to comment in the forum or check out how you can contribute to this page; I'd love that! If you're a big fan of Francis, why not join the Fanclub as well? It's 100% free of charge! Decologists of the world, unite!!
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~ This web site is dedicated to the memory of Steven Dhuey (1959-2010) ~
You will be sadly missed by us all.


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