The Official Francis E. Dec Fanclub was designed, created and illustrated by zer0 in 2006. zer0 (that’d be me) is a dapper lad from Sweden, who is a very big fan of the darkly comedic aspects of the worldview presented through Mr. Dec's paranoid delusions. When not otherwise preoccupied zer0 enjoys goofing off and drawing purty pictures, much like the ones on this page. Speaking of which, if you like this site and would like hire zer0 to draw or illustrate something for you, you are welcome to get in touch with him (that is, me) via the e-mail address presented below. The same thing goes if you want to complement me on what a great site I've made (or, you know, just want to say "hi"!), in which case you're also very welcome to head on over and register on the forum! Thanks for visiting the Official Francis E. Dec Fanclub!

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Not many people have, thus far, done more to help the fanclub than has Ted Torbich. Ted, aka "TenebrousT", aka "Decologist First Class Extraordinaire" is another huge fan of Mr. Dec's insane delusions who has spent endless peaceful time slowly piecing together notes which he has then sent to various US government agencies, requesting more material on Francis E. Dec, Esq. It has been mainly through his dilligence and hard work that this fanclub has been able to locate new material with which to expand the official timeline, rants and Dectionary. It is also thanks to him that we today know a lot more about Dec's legal past, professional career and personal life than has previously been known in the past. Hats off to you, Ted!
   Ted Torbich is currently a disgruntled postal worker in
Pennsylvania, USA. His personal website is viewable here.
Using his background in genealogy, Steven Dhuey provided this Fanclub with many invaluable contributions. Not only did these involve tracking down the identities of Francis E. Dec's mother and father, their places of birth (Poland), dates of immigration to the US (approx. 1910-1912) and professional careers (maid and butcher, respectively), but Steve also, by careful review of various official records, managed to carefully map Dec's military career; including where he received basic training, was stationed, what decorations he received and what weapon competencies he had.

   In 2010, at the mere age of 50, Steven Dhuey's life was tragically cut short due to a pulmonary embolism. His death leaves his friends in the Dec Fanclub in a state of shock and bereavement. Steven will forever be remembered for his undying devotion, kindness and energy, as well as for his humor and interest into the life of Francis E. Dec.
Several of the fantastic audio recordings of Dec's mad rants presented on this website are, contrary to popular belief, not done by Dec himself. Instead, they were originally recorded by Mr. Boyd "Doc on the ROQ" Britton; legendary radio DJ. In 1986 Mr. Britton, while working for the radio station WZUU in Milwaukee, happened to recieve several of Dec's rants which had been mass-mailed to the media. He then proceeded to record audio versions of said rants, using random bits of music added for background ambience. These recordings have since become cult classics, copied and re-copied. In latter years, sites like UBUWEB have even considered the rants culturally significant enough to include in their vast collection of audio poetry! The usage of the rants on this website is 100% non-profit and governed under the laws of public domain.

   Doc currently works for the station KROQ 106.7 FM, so be sure to stop by and check it out! This especially goes if you happen to like good radio, which admittedly is something of a rarity these days. Additionally, more information on Doc's recordings of Dec's mad rants can be found over at the Kooks Museum, courtesy of Donna Kossy!
The man himself - Doc Britton!


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