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In my opinion, this rant is Mr. Dec's great epic poem. This is a letter by Dec written to the US Supreme Court to protest the verdict in a trial (see the FAQ and Timeline) that led to him losing his job as a lawyer by being disbarred from the NY State Bar. This alone should be source for hilarity, but it doesn't just stop there! Instead, the rant degenerates into some kinda hate filled diatribe about every setback Mr. Dec has ever suffered during the last 10 years, including the time he tried to escape to Poland and was "beaten bloodily" by "CIA gangsterpolice" and kept in chains for three days! This, as well as the frequent referral to State and Supreme Court Judges as "rectum-lappers", makes for a truly hilarious experience. As you read this rant, remember that this letter was actually sent to the US Supreme Court! Gee, I wonder what the look on their faces were as they read through it..?
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To All Judges:

First and Second Appellate Division, Superior Court, New York City

Court of Appeals, Albany, New York

U.S. SUPREME COURT , Washington DC


"...The blackish menial
-and-demeanor felon
vicious Parroting Puppet
ex-District Attorney
Nassau County..."


I write DEMANDING a re-hearing of my worse-than-lowest Deadly Gangster police state Criminal Conviction which appeal case was in your farce Deadly Gangster ghetto-Communist Gangster Computer God-manipulated Gangster Court! Below, I state some of the many REASONS for said re-hearing, plus all of my evidence the Attorney General chicanerously forwarded to the Bar Association Grievance Committee for prosecution of felon Gangster mafionic negroidic the BLACK Frank Gulotta - a Gangster Judge, therefore un-prosecutable! The blackish menial negroidic-in-apperance-and-demeanor felon vicious Parroting Puppet ex District Attorney Nassau County with NO private law experience, DETESTED by all factions. In spite of this, SOLELY because of his many year secret gangsterization and crucifixion of ME, this negroidic low mafionic deadly BLACK Frank Gulotta was then IMMEDIATELY and UNPRECEDENTEDLY and REPEATEDLY rapidly PROMOTED - in spite of TREMENDOUS opposition - to the present position of second highest state judgeship SOLELY through Gangster Computer God manipulation!


As additional evidence; during the last week of my within-mentioned month-long WORSE-than-a-farce Nazi court criminal trial in Nassau County Court 1958, where dwarfted felon gangster Parroting Puppet rectum lapper sodomist Judge William Sullivanís ball-of-fat felon slut wife, she - AS PLANNED - sat in the front row, repeatedly stripping her over clothes and completely pulling up her dress and slip and pulling aside her old-fashioned pink BLOOMERS in order to display her ANUS, her CUNT! She repeatedly gesticulated and whispered: "Iíll give it to you to suck! FINISH HIM!!" Her husband, dwarfted felon Gangster Parroting Puppet rectum-lapper sodomist Judge William Sullivan, flush-faced - in repeated open sodomistic displays - stuck out his tongue, WIGGLING it, CHUCKLING to her!
   You hangman rope Gangster felon Parroting Puppet scum-on-top playboys can WATCH my Frankenstein Eyesight Television PLAYBACK of this felonious lowly sodomistic display by the felon sodomist Judge William Sullivan and his lowly felon-slut wife during my trial in Nassau County Court!


"...She repeatedly
gesticulated and
whispered: 'I'll give
it to you to suck!


After my WORSE-than-Nazi-court criminal conviction-CRUCIFIXION, for YEARS in poverty I suffered hopeless, jobless character-assassination and ISOLATION in this low deadly niggertown. I was the repeat target-victim of this Gangster Governmentís gangsterization and undetectable extermination attempts to SHUT ME UP FOREVER WITH MY SECRETS!


Then, in December 14-17 1965, I attempted to escape this worse-mongrel Gangster Communist country to return to the Slovenic- Polish land of my forefathers. Instead, in a Gangster-staged Parroting Puppet DEADLY CONSPIRACY, I was flown from Kennedy New York Airport AT NIGHT to a small, distant St. Lawrence River Estuary snowbound small airport under the guise that I was in Warsaw, Poland. Immediately many, many things proved this to me - including the two big white asbestos-shingled hangars with the large Braniff Airways -signs on their sidewalls - in addition to the many blurted statements I solicited from the many CIA DEADLY GANGSTERS - the assassins of ME - the many, many Parroting Puppets all around me!

   I DEMANDED an immediate flight back to Kennedy New York Airport. Instead I was held captive ALL NIGHT, later in CHAINS! I refused both; all food and requests Iíd ďgo to sleepĒ. Then CIA policegangsters pretending to be Polish police with NO identification BEAT ME BLOODILY!


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Instead I was held
captive ALL NIGHT, later
in CHAINS! I refused
both; all food and
requests I'd 'go to sleep'."

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Later, while MY return-trip 707 Boeing Jet Airliner was being serviced for MY return trip, I quickly walked into the airplane and saw a CIA GANGSTER with a small electric hairdryer-type blower pumping DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE into SECRET COMPARTMENTS under the ashtrays in the arms of the chairs where later *I* was ordered to sit in the airplane full of CIA UNDERLINGS "passengers" - MY ASSASSINS!!! -  who GIGGLED as they watched me DRAGGED IN CHAINS into the airplane by the Gangster CIA policegangsters!!


These deadly Gangster CIA passengers, THEY PRESSED THE FRONTAL PANEL OF THE ASHTRAYS IN THE SEAT ARMS to release the DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE! Indubitably, all of the others deadly CIA underling gangsters upon this staged return flight, they ALL had taken the TOP SECRET POISON NERVE GAS ANTIDOTE PILL, IMMUNING them from the DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE! DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE was sprayed at me from CIGARS, CIGARETTES, even from BALL-POINT PENS! Also from the WIG of a woman sitting next to me! Even the Swiss cheese-type ICE CUBES were evaporating into POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE in all of the FREE drinks!

   I got up and went to the rear of the airplane by the rear exit door with the large push-up handle. My Frankenstein Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio disclosed my intentions IMMEDIATELY! The loudspeaker SCREAMED that the flight was over and that our airplane was already preparing to land at Kennedy New York Airport!


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was sprayed at me from
and even from


"...He BEAT ME


You hangman rope sneak Gangster playboy scum-on-top KNOW these facts are true; not only from taking part in such undetectable exter- minations, but also you chicanerous demented felon Parroting Puppet Gangsters can WATCH my Frankenstein Eyesight Televison PLAYBACK of all these horrible terrifying deadly events!

When I returned home, Joseph I. Dec - my only brother and deadly felon-murderer and assassin-spy agent against me for this Gangster Government - he BEAT ME REPEATEDLY, CURSING me that I was not exterminated by all of the POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE and that I did the IMPOSSIBLE in that I KEPT AWAKE FOR THREE DAYS AND REFUSED ALL FOOD in order to prevent my SNEAK EXTERMINATION!


In accordance with the completely Gangster Computer God concocted-and-manipulated Statutory Laws, one of your Gangster Court's requisite duties is to AUTOMATI CALLY re-hear my said appeal case because it has been brought to your attention, you hangman rope Gangsters, that MY ENTIRE LIFE was destroyed by you co-conspirators through the Gangster Governmentís perjured-and-fabricated CRIMINAL CONVICTION OF ME in order to fulfill the demands of your Communist God, the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God!

   You deadly Parroting Puppet felon Gangsters already know that I HAVE BEEN and AM an INNOCENT primary victim and target for DESTRUCTION AND EXTERMINATION because I am a MENACE to your Gangster Computer God and that I am WORSE than defenseless without the Gangster Protection and Control of the Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio! I STAND ALONE against you demented Deadly Gangster Parroting Puppets, namely this worse-Gangster Communist Computer God controlled Gangster Government! Before Iím exterminated by you hangman rope underlings, I DEMAND A REPLY!

October 21, 1976,
Francis E. Dec, Esquire


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"...In accordance
with the completely
Gangster Computer
God concocted-and-
Statutory Laws..."


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In desperation, the
Chief Clerk of the
US Supreme Court
ripped off the COVER
of my Appeal Brief!"


ADDENDUM: I personally filed my maximum-conviction Appeal Brief in 1961 with the Chief Clerk of the US Supreme Court, Washington DC. The Chief Clerk, HE KNEW ME! He sneeringly grabbed my thick, strong homemade Appeal Brief and then he attempted to RIP IT UP! In desperation, the Chief Clerk of the US Supreme Court ripped off the COVER of my Appeal Brief! Miraculously, I stopped him without a deadly scene (to me).

Then, filing my ripped Appeal Brief,  the felon (another co conspirator with the nine hangmanrope Gangster Judges) the Chief Clerk in cowardly fear, in staccato speech and gesticulation, he confessed to me: "Mr. Dec, EVERYONE is in on this one against you, even the Attorney General." Namely BOBBY KENNEDY, younger-than-his-very-young-brother JACK Kennedy, Kennedy-then-President! The KENNEDY PLAY BOYS' little fag Bobby was a felon lowest chicanerous UNTOUCHABLE Parroting Puppet Gangster against WORSE-than-defenseless Mr. Francis E. Dec, Esquire!


My quick questioning, and the co-conspiring felon Chief Clerk explained and gave me a new and ĒSPECIAL" notice form for ONLY Mr. Francis E. Dec, Esquire, which had to be mailed to the OPPOSITION, the Deadly Gangster District Attorney, in order to prevent the dismissal of my appeal case. Leaving quickly I noticed in the room and hall several approaching uniformed and plain-clothes be-weaponed POLICE! Later, Joseph I. Dec, my only brother deadly-villain-murderer and secret-assassin spy-agent against me for this Gangster Government, CURSED me stating "That I TRICKED the Chief Clerk of the US Supreme Court, and that I got out of that death trap FAST!"

So, brainwashed-from-birth by the Computer God Threshold Brainwash Radio Parroting Puppet Gangster Slave; if you believe in ANYTHING, forget kneeling to abide by the High Holy Law long enough to say one word of pray for ME for YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR A FUTURE!!


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"...FOOTNOTE: Remember, it is
Gangster US Supreme Court-
written High Holy Law:
'Iíll give it to you to suck,


FOOTNOTE: Remember, it is Gangster US Supreme Court-written High Holy Law:
"Iíll give it to you to suck, FINISH HIM!!"

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