Hi there! I'm zer0, the creator of this website. The pages you are about to enter contain the transcribed and illustrated rantings of a schizophrenic madman named Francis E. Dec, Esq. His rants, while hilarious, include frequent references to anti-Semitism, misogyny, anti-Americanism, anal sex, analingus, almost complete misanthropy and blatant racism - and that's just naming a few things! Some people may find some or all of these topics offensive. If you are among these people, please DO NOT enter this web site, as I will completely refuse to accept any responsibility should you happen to be offended by anything contained herein. The same thing goes for those of you completely devoid of a sense of humor. You are both wasting your time here and should go someplace else instead.



Also: please note that the opinions expressed in the aforementioned rants are NOT my own nor are they in any way shared or endorsed by me. I am NOT an anti-Semite, a racist or some kind of insane paranoiac, I'm a Swedish cartoonist and an all-around nice guy. The offending opinions in question were held by Mr. Francis E. Dec, who originally penned the rants in question. I have merely done my best to transcribe and illustrate them to the best of my ability in order to further enhance their comedic brilliance. By choosing to enter this website you automatically understand and acknowledge that any and all offensive opinions contained within are those of Mr. Dec and are not in any way shared or held by myself. So ixnay on the hatemail, yes?

Last but not least, the writings of Mr. Dec are far, far too crazy in and of themselves to actually be taken seriously enough to get pissed off over. Remember; these rants were written by a delirious madman trying to convince us of the validity of his warped perception of the world. As such, this should primarily be viewed as a humor website and not as something to get upset over. Capiche?

Got all that? You sure? Good! Now come on in, you hangman rope Sneak
Deadly Gangster scum-on-top!





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