The comic you're about to read has an interesting history.
Long (back in 2004, in fact) before
anyone else in Sweden had yet even realized the shittiness of the pro-genocidal wigger Petter
and his so-called "rap music", zer0 (that'd be me) had already long since seen through the
transparent facade of "realness" as put forth by Swedish "rap". I therefore decided to present my
findings to the world in the form of the following comic in the hope that others would awake from
the false, Matrix-esque phony "reality" of Swedish "rap" and use their eyes for the first time ever.
Just like Neo in that movie. Except with more acting skills, of course.

Not surprisingly, this comic did not go over well with the multitudes of wigger-svennes who loved
Swedish rap and thought it was the greatest "music" ever, and I found myself recieving several
hatemails per day for several months. I *also* found myself recieving a ton of praise, however, sent
in by those few brave souls who, like me, had realized just how phony Swedish rap was and is. Not
just Swedes wrote in; I recieved love from all over the world. People from Canada and New York wrote
me, all glad I had finally exposed the falseness of the Worldwide Wigger Conspiracy and their
attempts at "music". Seems rap made by clueless wiggers is in no way a Swedish speciality, even
though the trend might very well have originated here, for all I know. Hell, it makes sense to me.

In 2006, I decided to get my own web page to host Bento & Starchky, my present foray into the
world of webcomics. I therefore removed this comic from my new page, since it is quite shoddily drawn
as compared to the comics I draw nowadays, anyway. Seems I shouldn't have done that, since people
started emailing me almost instantly, asking "Hey, where'd the rap comic go?!" And a few weeks later,
Petter revealed his interest to "kill all people using file sharing programs" worldwide. At the same time,
people seemed to begin waking up to the shitty reality of Swedish rap. It was not hard to draw certain
parallells to this comic... So, due to popular demand and in the interest of public education , I decided
to put it back up on the page again.

Please bear in mind that everything in this comic is 100% true. Click the arrow below to get started. I hope
you'll enjoy this little essay. If you don't, you're most likely a fan of Swedish rap or even a Swedish rapper and
should pull up your pants and go fuck yourself. For those of you that *do* like it, I hope you'll check out
my new comic Bento & Starchky which is way prettier than this one and will make you feel all
giddy and tingly. Just like good hashish. Feel free to vote for it, too. I'd like that.

                                                                                                                -zer0, 2006

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