Q: What's the deal with this stupid page?
A: This page is where I, zer0, Swedish cartoonist
    extraordinaire, upload and showcase the stuff I
    create. It started out in early 2006 and I have kept
    adding stuff to it ever since.

Q: What is the deal with the stupid name of
     this web site ?

A: This page started out containing only a web comic
    by said name. Hence, the site was named after
    said comic. It has since swelled to contain several
    other features also drawn by me, however, making
    said name something of an anachronism.

Q: What's the deal with you? Are you stupid?
A: No. Well, OK, yeah. Got me there.

Q: I have a business proposition for you, Mariner.
A: Send me an email. We'll work something out.

Additional questions? Email me.

The "0" in "zer0" is the number zero, not the letter "o".
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published as a .GIF. Just type it in manually.)