Could be!

“Bob the Corpse” is conceived, written, drawn and (poorly) executed by zer0,  the “brains” behind the website Bento & Starchky dot com.

zer0 might or might not be the online alias of mild-mannered Swedish illustrator and cartoonist Peter Branting, who might or might not be able to drink antifreeze straight out of the bottle, jump over tall buildings in a single stride and bench press entire solar systems using only one arm. No one really knows for sure.

In this presentation zer0 refers to himself in the third person, because it seems to be the “done thing” in presentations and apparently convinces people of how professional and how worthy of their respect you are or something.

zer0 is available for hire as an artist and his hand is available in marriage. If you wish to contact zer0 (that is; me) for some reason or other, you are perfectly welcome to do so via the following email address:

(NOTE: For spam-prevention purposes I have published the above email address in the form of a GIF,
so just type it in manually. The "0" in "zer0" is the number zero, by the way, and not the letter "o".)

All content © 2007, 2008 and
onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting).
All Rights Reserved.

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